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Maris W. Mullen

Maris Mullen taught, primarily, social studies in the Parkesburg and Octorara School Districts from 1934 to 1970.
He was Parkesburg secretary from 1948 until 1981.
He was Mayor-elect when he died on January 2,1982, two days before he was to be sworn in to office.
His collection of Post articles, photographs and other items is available at the Parkesburg Library.

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Are you aware that a race horse
was named for Parkesburg?

  You will soon be able to get more
  information about "Parkesburg"
  from this site or in the library.

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Were you aware that Parkesburg had
a mobile radio station in the early 1920's?

  Horace A. Beale Jr. was the owner/operator
while he was president of the Chester County
Radio Association.

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Horace A. Beale Jr. takes
his father, H.A. Beale Sr. for a ride
around the Parkesburg area.

The Beale family operated the
Parkesburg Iron Company which manufactured
locomotive boiler tubes for many years.

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