History of the Parkesburg Free Library

This document is found in the Maris Mullen Historical files at the library.
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The Parkesburg Free Library has been serving and growing with our community for more than 120 years. Interest in a library in the Borough was first mentioned in an article in September 1890 in the Daily Local News.

The first library, January 1891, was opened on Monday afternoons and was in a store owned by Mr. J. Winfield Walker. There were approximately 120 books available to those who paid an annual membership fee of $1.00. On January 15, 1916, a larger room was secured in the Parkesburg National Bank Building on Main Street. By the end of the year the library extended its hours, and had a collection of 1,050 books and 500 borrowers.

Mary Lindburg

Another move in1919 allowed the library more spacious accommodations in the Community House with librarian Miss Mary Lindberg living in an apartment upstairs. Ten directors took out a charter and incorporated the library on a nonprofit basis. When the Community House was sold in 1939, the library moved to the old Borough Hall. The larger library had a reading room as an added feature.

In 1943, the library was forced to a new home, this time a small room in the Parkesburg Opera House. Additional moves in 1951, 1960 and 1965 found the library operating from the 400 block of First Avenue and then 318 Main Street. There had been talk for some time of a building of its own so the library would not have to move again. Plans were finally drawn up for the current building on land donated by the Borough in 1966. Funds for the library were secured by Board Members and friends who appeared on television and radio to advertise their cause and by August contributions reached $18,138 and a building process was initiated. On December 3, 1967, everything was completed and a dedication and open house were held.

The library currently has about 4,500 members and over 33,000 materials including books,

CDs, DVDs and puplic computers with current software and fast Internet access. The library also offers many activities for children.